• Bruno

    He grew up with three brothers, a series of tree trunks, branches and a whole lot of mud. In the evenings he washed off the mud in the bath because his mother insisted.

    The treasures he found in the forest were converted into a tree house in one of the willows in their garden, using sheets, ropes and a stapler. After he built it he realised that for some reason his nephews started to spend a lot more time over at his house. His uncle also wanted a dream house for his children in his own garden and so he placed an order. The rumour quickly made the rounds and the rest is history.

    Next year Bruno will graduate as an architect. He adores nature and adventure. Besides tree houses he also wants to build holiday homes and other special experiences in trees.

  • Nicolas

    Together with his brothers he built their very first tree house into a regular paradise, with a bar, toilet and a prison where the youngest brother, a true tomboy, could cool off when he was out of hand.

    Nicolas is a commercial engineer and is currently studying industrial engineering, specialising in construction. He likes climbing, in tree houses and in the mountains.

Discover the dreams we helped come true

  1. Step 1 Your own tailor-made tree house or tree terrace

    Because every garden is different we will first visit you to find out more about you and your trees. We then review the requirements for your tree house or tree terrace and select the most suitable tree to make your dream come true.

  2. Step 2 Fine-tuning the concept

    Alternatieven: Adapting the concept or Completing the concept
    We discuss the design together and adapt it where necessary. Then we set a date for the installation of your tree house or tree terrace.

  3. Step 3 Preparation

    Before the installation we prepare everything in our workshop. This will allow us to work more easily and more efficiently in your garden. We use as much reclaimed wood as possible. This ecological approach allows us to reduce the cost but also adds a nice weathered look to your tree house or tree terrace.

  4. Step 4 Annual check

    After the installation we drop in every year for a check-up so that you can continue to enjoy your tree house without a worry in the world.

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  • When you are surrounded by greenery you feel instant stress relief and are able to unwind.

  • You enjoy watching your (grand)children frolic around the garden while you work or relax in peace.

  • You like the idea of enjoying a drink or a bite to eat in good company from a 4-metre high terrace with an unrivalled view of the setting sun.

  • You are searching for a place where you can briefly forget everything, not too far away and with all the comfort of home at hand.

  • You think the time has come to realise your dreams.

Discover the dreams we helped come true

Have you checked one or more tick boxes? Then start dreaming of your own tree house or tree terrace. Contact us if you want to transpose this magical feeling from your head into your own garden.  

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