boomhut test
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  • time

    10 days

  • type

    tree house

‘Our tree house is not meant as a play area. After all, our children are teenagers now. It’s more of a separate retreat for them and their friends.

Our three children have always loved climbing and crawling up trees. We often used to take them to adventure theme parks in France, where they always had a blast. Once, no twice actually, they even built their very own tree house in our garden, with ropes to crawl up. They used to extend it with extra boards and ropes here and there.

But it was time for a solid tree house, a space outside our home for my wife and I to relax and recharge our batteries. With three teenagers, our house is always hectic, so a small retreat between the fir trees seemed like the ideal solution. The tree house is somewhat hidden, so that no one can actually see us, while we enjoy a beautiful view of the garden and the pond below.

The children use it all the time, and so do their friends. They get chips and all retreat to the tree house for dinner. And us? Well, we can enjoy having the house to ourselves, in silence.

Sometimes I head for the tree house by myself, sometimes with my wife and friends. It’s the place where we love to take a break from the everyday hustle and bustle, and enjoy a chat. Even our dog feels at home in the tree house. And our cat even sleeps up there. It’s truly a bonus for the entire family!

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Are you interested in a tree terrace in your garden? Let us know, we will gladly build you one.