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  • time

    8 days

  • type

    tree house

‘To be fair a tree house was our own childhood dream. My husband and I loved playing in the trees.

When Nicolas and Bruno came to install the tree house they stayed the night at our house which was a lot of fun. We immediately clicked and our twins also adored them

After school Kobe and Lore would immediately run into the garden to see how far work on their new playground had already progressed. Now and then they were also allowed to hand Nicolas and Bruno a hammer or some nails which they really enjoyed. As a result they were involved in their tree house from the start. After work Nicolas and Bruno would fool around in the garden with the kids

Children spend too much time playing inside. They often watch TV or play on their computer. A tree house is a fun way of letting them play outside and let them use their imagination. Kobe and Lore are very pleased with it and so are their classmates.

While they have fun with their friends I can sit outside and enjoy my garden. And as a result everyone is happy.

In the meantime they have also celebrated their birthday here. For their spring ceremony we strung piñatas from the walkway. These paper-mâché figures are filled with sweets, confetti and gifts. The children had to smash these with a stick and then all the goodies fell out on them. These are very nice memories which I hope they will always cherish.”

Let us know if you are interested in a tree house in your garden?